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Italian fighter aircraft developed a good reputation in the early 1930s with the production of the Fiat CR.20. In an effort to expand the Italian aircraft industry, Italy sent air missions all over the world to help fledgling Air Forces - and to sell Italian products (as did the US and Germany). Italian development was also spurred on by the martial desires of Mussolini.

However, while promising in the mid-1930s, by the late 1930s, Italy was lagging behind in a number of areas:

This section includes:



Fiat Fighters

The fighters by Fiat run the gamut of 1930-1945 design (available in one 115 Kb PDF file) The CR.42 was published by JD.


Reggiane Fighters

The aircraft represented by these ADCs (available in one 150 Kb PDF file) were active 1936-1941. These aircraft were a technologic leap for Japan (see previous set of ADCs). Most were withdrawn from frontline service after the initial Japanese assault (Dec-41 to Apr-42).

Macchi Fighters

Another company devoted alomost exclusively to fighter designs. MC.200 and MC.202 were published by JD. set of 4 ADCs (90 Kb) includes:


Other Italian Fighters

This set of 3 ADCs is the rest of the collection of John Carr-designed Italian fighters that have not been reproduced elsewhere.


Oddities of Italian Fighter Development

As with everyone else, the Italians did develop aircraft theough the war, looking for that combination of speed, maneuverability, punch and range to prvide them with flexibility in operations and advantage in combat. And, like other major nations, they came up with some odd designs on which they had high hopes. This set of 4 ADCs (102Kb) includes:


Caproni Light and Medium Bombers

The Caproni organzation created a series of light patrol bombers and attack craft that were well-though of at the end of the 1930s - both the Luftwaffe and the Royal Air Force but in orders for a few hundred of them. Caproni also produced a well-regarded medium bomber that the Regia Aeronautica did not want as it had only two engines.

This PDF file (160 Kb) contains:

Other Italian Bombers

Everyone knows about the SM.79 Sparviero. This set of Italian bombers (165 Kb) covers some of the other (non-Caproni) bombers used by the Regia Aeronautica:

John Caraher's Original Bomber ADCs

John's ADCs were parrt of my original inspiration to start this project. Here are his bomber 3 ADCs (120 kb):

Italian Seaplanes and Flying Boats

The Regia Aeronautica was aware of its role as eyes for the fleet around the central Meditterranean. This set of 4 ADCs shows some of their amphibious solutions:

Italian Aircraft by JD Webster

JD Webster has produceed the following (semi-official,since they arefrom JD) Italian aircraft that he has made available to all players through the web:

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